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Twig2tree Akademia

This academy is built with learning across ages in mind. We observed a need for teaching programs that justify exponential evolution in human brain that has taken place over last two decades.



By focusing on collaborative learning across different verticals and ages, we are providing a one of a kind holistic family learning experience.

Teacher and Student

Parenting Community

Building a community of parents who understand parenting is the key for success between what your child is and what your child can be.

Online Tutorial

Parent-child classes

Transition your toddler to preschool without anxiety.

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Twig2tree Preschool

Holistic development program for children, centered towards child's overall development instilled with values. An integrated approach of Montessori, Glen Doman, Multiple Intelligence and Conventional teaching.


We believe learning is a lifelong process and there is a constant need to add new and innovative learning programs for parents and children. Below you can find two of our spotlight offerings

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Arts & Crafts

Free Parenting Sessions

Doing Homework

Enrolling for academic year 2023-24


We love spreading the joy that we receive. This is what our students and parents had to say about us!

This is an extremely good school. Relatively new but very caring about the students.
They are still sort of building up their infrastructure, so they might not be technologically as advanced as some of the other large schools.
But they more than make up for it with their loving and caring attitude and their personal touch. My daughter is a student and I am extremely happy with my choice. Seems I got lucky when I chose this school for my daughter.

Somujjwal Saikia

My son is in 3rd year in Twig2Tree and we are blessed to have a multi-skilled preschool. They have a  unique concept, focus and determination about understanding kids and train them according to kid’s style of learning. I personally like because we get correct feedback about my kid which matches with what we observe at home. We appreciate the transparency and honesty from their teachers. My son is teaching me yoga (Even though I know) which is very proud moment for me. He teaches me kannada letters to me again having proud moments. Kids have multiple activities at school and the principal and teachers are friendly with parents (& kids) 

We can meet them without prior appointment. I simply love the concept of Twig2Tree and God bless them with success.

Devan Tank

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