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Our online courses


Crafted with extreme care, our online courses are designed to give you the best experience and learning. Our Subject Experts will train you directly with the ;latest tools and technology available to give you a seamless learning experience.

Arts & Crafts
Virtual Preschool

Online continuation of pre-school learning aided with interwoven concepts and skills during one-hour live sessions with our versatile teachers. Age-appropriate concepts are covered during the sessions as part of structured lesson plans. Exciting project culmination of content to show a practical implementation of learning.

Doing Homework
Home Schooling

Your child’s first step towards structured learning with you. A self-program for parents to guide their young learners with aid of structured lesson plans created by experts. Explanation videos for a better understanding of content deliverability. Units covering aspects of knowledge, language, math, brain, and penmanship.

Father and Children
Parenting Programs

Boost your confidence as a parent with our holistic parenting workshops starting as early as your prenatal stage. Learn various energy balancing techniques to comfort yourself during testing parenting times. Learn about science behind grooming your child into a conscious learner right from beginning.

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